My Story

My very best friend in the entire world was my rat terrier named Gator. My family rescued him when I was a little girl and it was obvious that we had a very special connection. He instantly became my constant companion and shadow for 18 years. He was commonly referred to as the “little gentleman”.

In my teenage years we would wake up early before school and jog together as the sun was just beginning to rise. He loved to run and was so well behaved that he didn’t need a leash, but would just run at my side. When I moved away to college in Colorado, he came with me. We explored mountains and snow together, him always by my side. Loving to travel, he came with me on my adventures, too. He dipped his toes and tongue in the oceans of both coasts, smelled the smells of all four corners of the country and everything in between. We did everything together. Needless to say he was a lucky dog, but I feel like we were so very lucky to have each other.

Through the heartache of his loss in November 2015, I found comfort and solace by painting pictures of him. I was able to recreate our memories by capturing his personality through his eyes and expressions in my many photographs. Immediately people started asking me to paint pictures of their beloved pets, too. Some of these pets still living, playing, barking and running, and some, like mine, in loving memory.

He filled my life with so much love and happiness that in his honor I donate 15% of every portrait price to the selfless, hard work done by local animal shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries. Not a second goes by that I wish he wasn’t still by my side, but in his absence I have used my art to now give back to other animals in need and provide a bit of peace to individuals by forever immortalizing their four-legged best friends. With my vivid, living colors I hope to revive and excite the very best stories and memories of your pets, past and present.

I now have two newly rescued beautiful girls, Oseetah and Bisou. Complete opposites (in size and personality) they play and cuddle like they’re sisters. They fill my every day with new love and always so much fun. We spend our days painting, playing, hiking, biking, swimming and skiing.

We (all) thank you for your interest, enthusiasm and generosity.